понедельник, 10 мая 2010 г.

My very first tutorial how to make faux sea-urchin!

Dear Flowermouse Designe, thank you very much for inspiration from your wonderful creations! I could not stop to think how to make it without natural sea-urchine and result is here! Of course this is not so perfect as yours, but this is my first experience which I want to share! All photos of my process are here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mila-heggland/sets/72157623906701373/. But I am so greatful I have good online friend who helps me to develope my skills. Thank you very much, dear Lone!

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  1. Ohh now you made me happy. You´re so welcome and you did a good job with these. I´ve ordered new real urchins to make moulds of from Etsy. This time some small ones to make earrings of!! Good luck with your project - when you´ve started on the urchins you can´t stop it!! Big hugs

  2. Lone, I ordered small urchins from the Etsy too, just last week! Only one problem is now - wher to buy flexible material for molding, I am searching and searching internet... Anyway I have some days for it))) And girl from russian polymerclay-community is wondered which addition coud be with this urchins so this is no time to relax))) Thank you very much for your inspiration and good words!

  3. Hello Mila,
    I buy Amazing mold putty here: http://polymerclayproductions.com/pcpcshop/
    Sent them an email if you can´t find the product on their site. They are very helpful.

    It´s much easyer to use this than polymer clay for molding. the urchins are so fragile...
    You can also try to call http://www.mamut.net/hobbyimportno/ where I bought a similar product. It´s in Norway so you make it easyer...

    Or else: http://www.polymerclayexpress.com/molds5.html
    They have a pink compund which is the same that I use just another brand.

    So there you are - it´s just getting online and use money..... Yak!!

    Good luck!!!!

  4. Lone, you are the most helpful person in the world!!! Million thanks for your links! I spent many hour searching internet and realized most of online shops don`t want to send their stuff to the Norway or other countries... And polymerclayexpress is one of the best and friendly - send fast and easy and never problems with them :-) So probably I will use it againe just for safity of my money :-) Thank you againe and againe!